MAP Portrait Prize 2022

16 December 2022 – 12 March 2023MAP-Prize-Website-Event-Listing_SML.jpg

A Biennial Celebration of Portraiture

Mudgee Arts Precinct's very first MAP Portrait Prize, a biennial celebration of portraiture that reflected the remarkable talent within our local arts community. The exhibition was held in partnership with the Next Gen Portrait Prize and showcased portraits created by students from the region.

Portrait prizes hold a special place in Australian art, with the Archibald Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW renowned as much for its ability to catapult an artist’s celebrity and career opportunities, as the many controversies it has generated over the years. The most accessible and relatable of all art forms, portrait prizes give us a glimpse into not just the artist’s skill but more importantly their ability to capture the essence of the person they are portraying. Furthermore, it affords our local community the opportunity to see the depth of artistic skills on display from artists both young and old, working in a wide variety of media. 

The MAP Portrait Prize was open to submissions in all media to artists at any level of their artistic practice with beginners right through to arts professionals submitting works for the exhibition.  

The inaugural MAP Portrait Prize  exhibited from 16 December 2022 – 12 March 2023 at Mudgee Arts Precinct. 

2022 Winners


Mid-Western Regional Council Best Portrait Prize: $10,000

Gora & Ellie Singh Mann Prize - Best Portrait from the Mid-Western Region: $2,500

Simon Staines Best Emerging Portrait Prize: $3,000 plus professional development towards a future exhibition

SPS Solar People's Choice Prize: $2,000

The Mudgee Art House Courageous Award: $500



Mid-Western Regional Council Best Portrait Prize: Gus Armstrong High waters on the shoulders of giants 2022
4k Video
Duration: 54 seconds

Gora and Ellie Singh Mann Prize (Mid-Western Region residents only): Anna Robards Self portrait (always ourselves) 2022
Digital print on archival cotton rag

Simon Staines Best Emerging Portrait Prize: Jessica Hodge
Author, historian, daughter of Kandos, my great aunt, Colleen O’Sullivan 2022
Black BIC pen on paper

The Mudgee Art House Courageous Award: Blake Griffiths Someone Winning Somewhere 2022
Woven oil painting

SPS Solar People's Choice Prize:  Stephanie Galloway Brown Mignon Parker 2022
Oil on canvas

Commendation: Richard Maude Clare Brokenshire (1994) 2021
Oil and acrylic paint on plywood panel




  • Julianne Ross Allcorn
  • Gus Armstrong
  • Toni Behrens
  • Michael Bourke
  • Agnes Bruck
  • Ashlee Bucholtz
  • Laandi Buckland
  • Reginald Buckland
  • Jenni Buckley
  • Wayne Budge
  • Merilyn Burch Carney
  • Felicity Cavanough
  • Gem Clipsham
  • Jess Coldrey
  • Rey Colley
  • Eleanor Cook
  • Sandra Cooksey-Nott
  • Frank Denis
  • Denise Faulkner
  • Elizabeth Firth
  • Stephanie Galloway Brown
  • Maddison Gibbs
  • Ronnie Grammatica
  • Blake Griffiths
  • Amala Groom
  • Amber Hammad
  • Kim Harding
  • Tina Havelock Stevens
  • David Hill
  • Jessica Hodge
  • Amanda Holman
  • Jude Hotchkiss
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Millie Jones
  • Anna Kruk
  • Christopher Kunko
  • Ross Kurtz
  • Judy Kurtz
  • Kellie Leczinska
  • Fleur MacDonald
  • Sarah Mackay
  • Jenny Maloney
  • Peter Marshall
  • Richard Maude
  • Rachel Melchers
  • Cathy Meyers
  • Deborah Michell-Smith
  • Bette Mifsud
  • Ludwig Mlcek
  • Kay Norton Knight
  • Nicole O'Regan
  • Sam Paine
  • Justin Pearson
  • Sammaneh Pourshafighi
  • Nadine Prentice
  • Andrew Robards
  • Anna Robards
  • Jennifer Rosnell
  • Alex Scheibner
  • Phyllis Setchell
  • Michael Simms
  • Elke Simpson
  • Rod Spicer
  • Michelle Steven
  • Sandra Stroud
  • Catherine Sykes
  • Michael Thomson
  • Phil Went
  • Teresina White
  • Jude Williams
  • Jasmine Williams
  • Louise Windyer
  • Gary Wood
  • Zoe Young



Thank you to our sponsors who generously contributed to the prize pool and helped foster the artistic careers of artists living and working in our local community.