Regional Sculpture Sites

In addition to the works displayed on the Lawson Park Sculpture Walk you will also find public art on display elsewhere within Mudgee, Gulgong, Kandos and Rylstone.

Rylstone River Walk
Coming soon in 2023 - new sculptures in alongside the Rylstone River walk. 

Mudgee sculpture sites

Mid-Western Regional Council Administration Building

A shared heart by John Price

Purchased in 2015 , this piece was acquired from the Rylstone Wood Symposium and was created using only a chainsaw. This sculpture is installed at the rear of Council’s Mudgee Administration Building on Short St. 


Glen Willow Arboretum

Travelling Australia by David Doyle

Purchased in 2015, this installation of 32 pieces celebrates iconic places often visited when travelling around Australia. To view this work take a short walk over the Glen Willow Suspension Bridge to the arboretum. 

Gulgong sculpture sites

People’s Park

Hands together by Keith Chidzey

Purchased in 2015, this large sculpture doubles as a bench for patrons of the park. Keith Chidzey is a sculptor and land artist who is driven and inspired by imaginative juices flowing from the beautiful creation of this world. This manifests in various forms, such as highlighting environmental responsibility, prophecy through art, and promoting social justice issues.

Rylstone sculpture sites

Rocky Park

Sentinel by Ian Bell

Ian Bell draws most of the ideas for his work from the ocean. The forms of the natural world, such as the graceful dance of a manta ray, or the immense power of a whale’s tail slap, are his source of inspiration. This work was purchased in 2015. 


Sammy’s Flat

 Water birds by Nardja Williams 

Nardja Williams is a Central Coast-based sculptor who was inspired by the diversity of landscapes, flora and fauna in her travels around Australia. Located on the eastern side of the footbridge crossing the Cudgegong River, this work was purchased in 2015. 

Between Rylstone and Kandos – Opposite Rathdowney

 Bucket list by Rhonda Castle

Local to the region, Rhonda Castle was raised in Kandos. Her works integrate stainless steel, Corten, sandstone, acrylic and found objects. She explores and experiments with the use of these materials and techniques to produce sculptures that aim to convey emotional energy through form. This work was purchased in 2015. 

Kandos sculpture sites

Town Square

Shaping embarrassment by Ana Paula Luna (Mexico)

Ana Paula Luna lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico. She started sculpting at the age of 16, and bases her work on inlaid materials, “as a way of inserting soul into the inanimate objects of everyday life”. She has also studied African traditional sculpture. This work was purchased in 2015.