Mudgee Park Sculpture Walk

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Take a stroll along the banks of the Cudgegong River in Lawson Park West through to Mudgee Arts Precinct and enjoy works from Mid-Western Regional Council’s public art collection.

View a range of sculptures created using a variety of materials and techniques that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the park with its picturesque backdrop of riverbank.

The Mudgee Sculpture Walk is a community initiative that began in 2013 thanks to Sculptures in the Garden (SIG). SIG is a not for profit sculpture event held annually with quality entries donated to the community and adding to the region’s growing public art collection. 

The walk includes winning acquisition prizes from the event funded in partnership with Mid-Western Regional Council. Other donors include Friends of SIG and Moolarben Coal, as well as various private donors. 

SIG has worked with, and continue to fundraise for, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT since the first event in 2010. 

The creation and continued growth of the Mudgee Sculpture Walk is a great legacy of SIG and a gift of art to the region for locals and visitors alike to enjoy.


Mudgee Sculpture Walk - Full List of Works

David Sherlock
Shooting Stars
Acquired 2013

David Sherlock is a blacksmith from Coolah. He uses recycled steel, mainly from old agricultural machinery or wrought iron from wagons and other waste metal to create his works.

Jamie Sargeant
Seed Memory
Acquired 2013
Originally a stonemason from England, Sargeant migrated to Australia in 2001. He has established a reputation for delivering public art projects, garden sculptures, water features and bespoke playground infrastructure.

Alex Scheibner
Cube Stack

Acquired 2014
Alex Scheibner is an artist local to the region. With this piece, he is capturing the moment a stack of blocks begins to fall or is poised dangerously just before it separates and tumbles to the ground. The piece shows movement in the unmovable medium of rusted steel in contrast to its natural surrounds.

David Walsh
Heavy Load
Acquired 2014
Using a combination of stainless steel and rosewood, this work is without a doubt the most functional of all public art in Lawson Park. Take a break mid-way through your sculpture walk to relax on this impressive park bench and enjoy the scenery.

Henryk Topolnicki
Leaf Tree

Acquired 2015
This work was acquired by Council from the Rylstone Wood Symposium. Always mindful of the inherent qualities of nature, Topolnicki’s work often reflects his deep research into subject and materiality.

Ingrid Morley
Middle Aged Dance (after William Kentridge)
Acquired 2015

Taken with a drawing by William Kentridge, Morley created this work with the hope of catching the tension of the dance of love’.

Jim Cross

Acquired 2015
Intricately welded using recycled materials, this piece engages audiences through its interactive nature. It can be rotated to face any direction, giving viewers a variety of perspectives to appreciate the detail within the sculpture.

Peter Kasper
Acquired 2015
Interested in kinetic sculpture, Kasper’s piece moves with the wind whilst reflecting the surrounding park within its stainless steel balls.

John Price
A Shared Heart
Acquired 2015
Another work from the Rylstone Wood Symposium, this piece was created using only a chainsaw. The sculpture is installed at the rear of Council’s Administration Building on Short Street, Mudgee.

Stephen Irwin
Taking the Plunge

Sculptures in the Garden and Mid-Western Regional Council Acquisition Prize 2016
Aberdeen artist, Stephen Irwin comments that this piece is about doing your best with what you have and taking the plunge.

Stephen Irwin
I Always Wanted to do that

Moolarben Coal Acquisition Prize 2016
This sculpture can be whatever you see, so many times we see an artist painting in a park or garden and say "I always wanted to do that".

Paul Bacon

Friends of Sculptures in the Garden Acquisition Prize 2017
Bacon’s welded steel sculptures are inspired by the landscape and are informed by a figure and working drawing practice. ‘A map of place and memory, seen a hundred times or more in all the towns we visit.’

Simon Pankhurst

Mild steel
Sculptures in the Garden and Mid-Western Regional Council Acquisition Prize 2017
Pankhurst is a metal artist and blacksmith based in Victoria. ‘People gather in many different ways, for many different reasons.’ This sense of congregation is what Pankhurst depicts within this work.

Tobias Bennett
Steel pipe
Moolarben Coal Acquisition Prize 2017
Bennett works with new and reclaimed metals, often merging traditional and modern tools and techniques to bring creations to life. ‘The lines go this way, then they go that way and then they intersect, much like life.’

Hui Selwood
Marble, steel, paint
Sculptures in the Garden and Mid-Western Regional Council Acquisition Prize 2018
Selwood’s sculptural composition acknowledges an architectural quality, stemming from his interest in design, architecture and construction with the emphasis on the vertical, referencing totems and figures.

Richard Nagel
Flame Within
Recycled farm machinery and sandstone
Moolarben Coal Acquisition Prize 2018
There are two concepts to this piece. First, the sun rising over the horizon, the second is the inner flame we all have to give us the fighting spirit to keep going even through the toughest times, such as drought.

Matt Hill
Jack Thompson (Cleo Centerfold Circa 1973)
Corten steel
Friends of Sculptures in the Garden Acquisition Prize 2018
For big red Jack Thompson, who was lounging nearby, flexing his muscles while watching his mate die, it was all too familiar, another roo up in heaven, ‘Bloody hell Roofus, you’re now number seven!’

Nigel White
Bird man XIX
Friends of Sculptures in the Garden Acquisition Prize 2019
Is this bird ever going to fly?

Stephen Hogan
Tribal Totems
Recycled steel
Sculptures in the Garden and Mid-Western Regional Council Acquisition Prize 2019
A series of stylised totems, strong reminders that no matter where we stand on the planet there were people and cultures and gentler footprints here before us. We need to respect the land and cultures that we now occupy for we are here but a short while.

Ben Tooth
I Beam
Moolarben Coal Acquisition Prize 2019
I beam is an abstract construction playing with balance and space!

Sian Watson
Cementitious grout, steel, sealant, paint
Moolarben Coal Acquisition Prize 2020
A meeting of the primordial in a changing environment.

Stephen King
Balancing the Books V
Stringy Bark
Sculptures in the Garden and Mid-Western Regional Council Acquisition Prize 2020
Balancing the books is a single tree trunk that has been carved, to give the viewer an illusion of multiple pieces in a stack. The way it is carved creates a trussed beam that he has been using in his work for the last few years.

David Perkins
Friends of Sculptures in the Garden Acquisition Prize 2020
"Humans are born wired for connection – it’s in our DNA". This sculpture is David Perkins interpretation of that connection.

Harrie Fasher
Sculptures in the Garden and Mid-Western Regional Council Acquisition Prize 2021
“Ahead is our guardian. She was intended to be the head for “Transition” the largest work Harrie Fasher has built to date; however it was too large, meaning the finished sculpture would not fit within the confines of the studio roof! Ahead became a work in its own right… ‘we were not behind but ahead!’ and Transition went on to win Sculpture by the Sea in Cottesloe WA.

Nicole O’Regan
Granite, sandstone, rhyolite, slate and steel
Friends of Sculptures in the Garden Acquisition Prize 2021
This sculpture has been created by weaving steel around, following contours and the shapes of individual rocks. It aims to show an expression of revealing thoughtfulness that is pensive in manner contemplating our current situation.

Franҫois Jaggi
Corten steel
Moolarben Coal Acquisition Prize 2021
This work despicts a barefooted individual, traversing the Australian desert. Channeling the sensation of freedom, the runner endures the unrelenting extreme elements in order to reach their goals, always wanting to create adventure and achieve as they go.

François Jaggi 
Sculptures in the Garden and Mid-Western Regional Council Acquisition Prize 2022
Endlessly inspired by equine forms and capturing their inherent beauty and powerful presence. François Jaggi’s Stallion aims to capture this through lengths of steel rods carefully welded together following the muscular stature of the horse.

Ludwig Mlcek
The Bird Man
Friends of Sculptures in the Garden Acquisition Prize 2022
As a child, Ludwig Mlcek's grandmother told him a story from Wallachian mythology about a bird man, that lived with and could speak the bird language. The Bird Man is how he visualised and dreamt about him. Then and now.

Bridget Whitehead 
Moolarben Coal Acquisition Prize 2022
Nature connection. Embrace your family; myths laws humour and language.

Peter Tilley
Figure & Shadow
Moolarben Coal Acquisition Prize 2023

The shadow/reflection is unseen by the casting figure. This is in keeping with Jung’s theory, “The shadow personifies everything that the subject refuses to acknowledge about himself”. The shadow is displaying two opposing traits of the figure’s personality. The front is bright and polished while the back is tarnished.

Ingrid Morley

Sculptures in the Garden and Mid-Western Regional Council Acquisition Prize 2023

This work subverts traditional aesthetics to reclaim the silenced female voice in art, challenging the objectification imposed by the male gaze. Inspired by the crouching Aphrodite (275 BC), this sculpture intends to disrupt its origin, honouring the vital role of women in nurturing and preserving our natural world.

Edward Wilson
The Angel of Mudgee

Friends of Sculptures in the Garden Acquisition Prize 2023

Inspired by my annual pilgrimage out West passing western plains, till after many hours I arrive in Mudgee. Sometimes I feel there is an Angle travelling with me.



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